Sunday, March 18, 2012

There is some NEW CHANDELIER LOVE in this house


If you read this blog then you remember how my house caught on fire all because my lovely chandelier decided to burn my house down (well not down but it sure did suck).  Well it has been about five months and I have been shopping and shopping and shopping for one that I would like.  Ugh! They are all so typical looking and cheap looking without a cheap price. FINALLY found one!


She is in and I love her!  She looks to small in the picture on the right but it really is not (it’s just a bad picture that I am known for)

So I can know mark off something off on my Pimp My House list.  This was a big one people these ceilings are 30ft up and nobody ever wants the job.  Today I am working on curtains in the living room off the kitchen and these little bad boys are getting a simple little redo today!


So I will be back soon with an update on those soon

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