Sunday, February 20, 2011

looking for a new blog design

We are looking for a new blog design.  We are wanting something a little softer and not so busy!  Anyone out there design blog pages or know of someone who does???  I would love to hear from you.  On another note, check out this new blog that we are sponsoring.  (I love her new blog design)

ohhh I almost forgot!  We have a couple NEW products that we will be showing you really soon. 

Check out this cross.  The first time we have textured a cross for a customer.  I think it turned out really cute.  I will be trying this again in different colors.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 22, 23,24

Day 22- Picture of something you wish you were better at

Kristin and Camie-
Man! I sooooo wish I was better at blogging! All you bloggers that I love to stalk are awesome! So everytime I sit down to blog I think to myself how could I possibly make my blog as awesome as the ones I read everyday. You are all so inspiring. Camie and I are really going to need to take a blogging boot camp!

Day 23- Picture of your favorite book

This is a hard one for me. I used to read all the time when my kids were young. But I really don't read much anymore because I don't really have enough energy by the end of the day. I know that sad! I love to read and I should make more time. Maybe I will pick it up again and see how it works out.

I dont really read that much! I have read all of the Harry Potter Books, and the Twilight series, and yes I am 30. The only other book that I have read in the last year or 2 is  Eat, Pray and Love (really liked it).  I have a hard time getting into the book and it keeping my attention, but I will say I had NO problem with any of these. 


Day2- Picture of something you wish you could change

This is a hard one for me.  There are so many things that I wish I could change.  But today I am going to pick the insanity of hoarding.  I wish I could take over everyone of these homes!  I don't even know how anyone can even think straight in this.  I am totally opposite of a hoarder.  I KEEP NOTHING!  I get rid of everything all the time.  I have no collections of anything.  I don't even framed pictures of my family because I feel like it looks like I have to much stuff hanging out on dressers and side tables.  I HATE clutter!  It makes me feel out of control.  I make my bed every morning hahahaha I sound a little like a I might have a clean OCD issue.  I really don't, the world does not come to an end if it is not perfect.


Do you follow Star Fish Blog

I have been wanting a personalized necklace for over a year now.  There are a ton of people on Etsy that sell them, but I have not found the perfect one that I wanted to spend the money on.  Well, I finally did.  Starfish Blog has the cutest handmade personalized jewelry that I have seen in a while.  Go fast if you are going, because I saw earlier that she posted that as of Monday she is going to have to raise her prices due to the cost of silver.  (also right now they have promo code  HEART for 30% off)  Not sure how long it lasts.

This is the one I ordered without the pearl!  So Cute.

Day 19, 20 and 21

Day 19-  A picture of you when you were younger

Kristin is still looking for a picture
I had my dad send me a picture today and this is what he picked.  Me and my cousins.

Im the one on the left with the CUTE stripped outfit.  Cute I know.

Day 20- A picture of somewhere you would like to travel

OOOHHHHH! I want to be in Costa Rica sooooo bad! Have never been there but I am going to make that happen this year. It is definitely on my list to do this year


I have already mentioned this before, but I really want to go to New York and would love to go to Australia. I have always said I want to go there so I could ride in a Kangaroos pouch. haha Not sure that would really happen, but I would try. No, but I would love to go to Australia.

                                                                         There is my Kangaroo!!

Day 21- A picture of your favorite night
my wonderful business partner knew that turning 40 recently was feeling soooo painful for me. YUCK!!!! I was soooo upset....gaww....really? 40? Anyway she got all my girlfriends together and they surprised me with a fun night of pole dancing lessons!! We all had so much fun! It looks easy but let me assure you it is not and we where all very sore for days to follow. It's a GREAT workout and if I could have a pole in the house to workout on everyday... I WOULD!
                                                                                                 Big 40

The weekend my hubby proposed to me!  He took me to Boerne, TX for a birthday get away.  That last morning there he proposed to me.  Man I cant find that picture, so I posted the picture of us at our Luau party.  My friends threw us a Surprise Engagement party.  We had a great time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 16, 17, and 18

Yes we are WAY behind on our days!  So lets get it going.

Day 16- Picture of someone who inspires me

The person that inspires me the most is my mom. Everyday she is the example of the kind of mom and wife that I want to be. She is patient and kind and giving. I am inspired by her all the time.


 I would like to say that a lot of the women behind these amazing blogs I read, Inspire me.  They are so creative, have great Ideas, make great treats and recipes, have time to keep up with their blogs, and some of them are down right Funny!  I don't have just one to post a picture of.
Day 17- A picture of something that has made a huge Impact on your life recently
Yep! The IPAD has had a huge impact on my life, as of Christmas. I am sooo in love with this marvelous piece of technology that I am not sure how I have ever lived without it! I love love love it!

CamieTwist of Dazzle

My little(yeah right) side business has really taken off and we are busy non-stop, so I would say Twist of dazzle has a huge impact on me right now.

   My Garage!  My poor car wishes he could get back in there.  (Maybe someday)

The outcome!

Day 18- A picture of your biggest insecurity

Day 18 is supposed to be a picture of our biggest insecurity. I'm pretty sure that blog land does not want to see an actual picture of my biggest insecurity. You see I am a cancer survivor. I have had ovarian cancer and breast cancer. I was diagnosed when I was 30. I am now 40. I have had multiple surgeries so I have many scars! I hate them! My beautiful hunk of a man surprised me a couple of years ago with a gift of a tattoo to cover up my scar on my pelvis from my hysterectomy. So that scar is now covered up with beautiful art work and I love it. Unfortunately that is not my only scar :( I have to many scars to cover up with tattoos so I just look at them as my scars of war that I won!

My belly!! I really dont think Im too FAT in the gut for a bikini(ok maybe I am), but believe me I have seen many of women bigger than me wearing them. But I get so paranoid and self conscious when I wear one, I wish had more confidence when I wear one. Or when I wear jeans and feel like my gut is hanging over the top, (even though it's probably not that bad, but I see it)

(not my belly nor my granny panties)


Wish this was me!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 15- picture of something you want to do before you die

This will probably come as a BIG surprise to anyone who knows me. I love being a single parent and raising the kids by myself but I guess in three years after the kids are gone it will be time to think about not dying alone :)

Camie-  I like to travel and visit different places.  I really want to go to New York.  (but not in the winter) burrrrr

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 14- Picture of someone you couldnt Imagine life without

Not sure what my life will be like after my kids leave for college. I have three years left until my youngest leaves. I'm trying to act like I am excited until I have an empty house, but really it makes me so sad I can't hardly even think about it without crying.

I would have to say My Hubby!  Honestly there are days that he gets on my nerves and drives me crazy, but Im not sure what I would do without him.  We have fun together!  He does so much for me and the kiddos.  He is a good dad and great husband.  I really do have the best hubby ever. (did I mention he does the laundry) woohooo.

Day 13- Picture of your Favorite Band or Artist

Yep I love them!  They are on my running playlist and they really help me relax when I am wakeboarding

  Honestly my favorite kind of music is classic counrty.  Go ahead and laugh. haha    My IPOD might be on Pink one minute and then skips to Conway Twitty, so I guess you can say I like a variety..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

magnets and photo blocks

We have a few new items here at Twist of Dazzle!

We now offer magnets.  We have glittered, decoupaged, and rhinestoned them.  These are great small gifts to have handy for teachers, friends, or co-workers.

How stinking cute are these new Photo Blocks!!   Hopefully, we will have a BOY one to post soon.  We are still trying to think of a cute idea for our little boys!!!

Twist of Dazzle has a couple more NEW items coming soon.  We are really excited and can not wait to show you.

Day 12- Picture of something you Love

Yes again we both agree on this picture.  Both being from TEXAS, we love the heat and the beach.  Now don't get me wrong, when it is 110 outside it does get a little old, but we would rather be on a beach in the sun than stuck in the house with snow and ice.

Man just looking at these pictures, brings back the great memories we have at the beach.  Who wants to go?????

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 11- picture of something I hate

This couldnt come on a better day.  Im pretty sure me and Kristin both feel the same way.  ICE
We have gotten a lot of ice here in TEXAS.  We are stuck at home and Im about to go crazy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 10 - A picture of the person you do the silliest things with

Kristin-  Me and Robert(my boyfriend)

Camie-   These are my childhood  and college friends.  We have so much fun together and do the silliest things!!  I could post forever.  But thats why I love them.

Day 9- picture of the person who got you through the most

Kristin-my mom

Camie- my parents