Monday, March 19, 2012

New social networking buttons up in here

Last year we had our blog redone by Designer Blogs!  We love it, but some how (and I'm sure me or Kristin screwed it up) but our Social Network buttons quit working and so did the tab buttons at the top.  So we contacted  Kristin from Simply Klassic Blog Design and she hooked us up!  We also had Pinterest added to the buttons.  Twist of Dazzle now has its own account so head over and follow us!  Be sure to head over to Kristin's website and check out all her stuff.  She was so helpful and super easy to work with.

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

There is some NEW CHANDELIER LOVE in this house


If you read this blog then you remember how my house caught on fire all because my lovely chandelier decided to burn my house down (well not down but it sure did suck).  Well it has been about five months and I have been shopping and shopping and shopping for one that I would like.  Ugh! They are all so typical looking and cheap looking without a cheap price. FINALLY found one!


She is in and I love her!  She looks to small in the picture on the right but it really is not (it’s just a bad picture that I am known for)

So I can know mark off something off on my Pimp My House list.  This was a big one people these ceilings are 30ft up and nobody ever wants the job.  Today I am working on curtains in the living room off the kitchen and these little bad boys are getting a simple little redo today!


So I will be back soon with an update on those soon

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Product of the Week

I’m linking up with Aly  and Tiffanie  for product of  the week.

I decided since I couldn't think of anything last week that I would do 2 this week.  (man I'm smart)

First up to bat is my Mary Kay lip gloss.  I really like the way this feels on my lips.  A lot of the lip glosses I buy are really sticky, and I find that this one does not glue my lips together.  My other item is my Loreal mascara.  Again, I have bought many different ones and they either clump, get all over my face, or doesn’t look like I have any on.  This ones really covers my lashes good and stays on all day, AND  even better it less than $10 bucks.


I see that Kristin already linked up today!  Well guess what you are getting 2 posts from TOD in one day.  YAY.   Also, I couldn’t let Kristin out do me in her OR gear.  Check this!


Happy one day closer to Friday!

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Eye Candy

Well it is that time again to fill you in on something that I love.  You should head over to Aly and Tiffanie's awesome blogs and get in on the fun! I had no idea I loved so many things ha!

So until recently I NEVER wore makeup except mascara. I always felt like I look like a clown.  But mostly because my family looks like this



We pretty much look like this year round and not from a tanning bed. Robert is Brazilian and I am German so there you have it! 

Enough of all that lets get to my favorite product this week.  So last summer I went in to Sephora for mascara and came out with a makover and makeup that costs $300+ YIKES!  So I started buying cheap stuff and cutting coupons for drugstore makeup (the only thing I splurge on now is my foundation still on the hunt for a cheap one I like) I came across this little eye wonder at Walmart one day for $6. Yep that is a price I like!



I have the brown and the silver and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this eyeshadow!! It’s a wet shadow but goes on great and DOES NOT come off during the day.  And it has some glitter in it!  What girl doesn’t like a little glitter when you have to look like this during the day ha!


Ohhh Camie and I have the life…just saving lives people…just saving lives…It’s what we do!


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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Apothecary Jars With A Twist

I guess unless you have been living under a rock you have heard of Pinterest (ha! seriously who hasn’t heard of Pinterest).  We have started a Twist of Dazzle link so we would be soooo happy if you would like to follow us here!

If I didn’t have like 10 million other things on my plate (post for another day) I would throw a Pinterest Party, I hear they are all the rage.  So what is a girl to do but throw her own party by herself with a large glass of wine and a Law and Order marathon.

This is one of the very first things that I ever pinned on Pinterest.



She has a great tutorial on her blog so go check it out.  Love them but I wanted to change them up a bit and I knew just what to do!


They are perfect in my daughters room to hold her cotton balls, Q-tips and other make up stuff.  Ohhh someday I will be better about a tutorial but I pretty much suck at that so you just get the end result for now ha!

I think my private Pinterest Party was a success!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Wreath

Hello my friends!  Well I kind of been MIA for blog posts, but Thank goodness for Kristin for keeping it going.  There is a lot going on here in the Fielder house hold.   I have sooo many projects and ideas I want to do, but I have put them on hold until me and my family decide if we are going to put our house on the market.  We are 99% sure we are the first week of April, so we have been touching up walls, fixing bathroom, working on the yard and de-cluttering.  But more on that later.  Since the weather here in Texas is starting to feel like Spring, I figured it was time for a new wreath for the door.  

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the biggest Styrofoam wreath I could find, and then went home and dug through the fabric scraps.  I just cut them into strips and wrapped them around the wreath and pinned them with straight pins.   


After I hung it on the door I liked it, but didn’t love it!  It needed something else.  I searched for a couple days and put different things on it, but decided on fabric flowers.



Which one do you like better???

I thought I would leave yall with a few pictures of my weekend!

My daughter turned 12 yesterday (and yes so did her attitude)haha 

(oh by the way her favorite color is purple if you cant tell  'Winking smile and here is proof of attitude!!!)


Happy Birthday Faith!


My other 2 babies!!