Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eye Candy

Well it is that time again to fill you in on something that I love.  You should head over to Aly and Tiffanie's awesome blogs and get in on the fun! I had no idea I loved so many things ha!

So until recently I NEVER wore makeup except mascara. I always felt like I look like a clown.  But mostly because my family looks like this



We pretty much look like this year round and not from a tanning bed. Robert is Brazilian and I am German so there you have it! 

Enough of all that lets get to my favorite product this week.  So last summer I went in to Sephora for mascara and came out with a makover and makeup that costs $300+ YIKES!  So I started buying cheap stuff and cutting coupons for drugstore makeup (the only thing I splurge on now is my foundation still on the hunt for a cheap one I like) I came across this little eye wonder at Walmart one day for $6. Yep that is a price I like!



I have the brown and the silver and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this eyeshadow!! It’s a wet shadow but goes on great and DOES NOT come off during the day.  And it has some glitter in it!  What girl doesn’t like a little glitter when you have to look like this during the day ha!


Ohhh Camie and I have the life…just saving lives people…just saving lives…It’s what we do!


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