Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our weekend and another project

I hope everyone had an Awesome Easter.  We did!  We started hiding eggs on Thursday night.  I have a 4 year old and he thinks hunting for eggs is so FUN. (but wondered why there wasn’t candy in all of them)  I tried to explain to him there would be candy when the Easter Bunny dropped some off. 
The kiddos before we went to church!
Me, Carson and Harley dog (Harley is not a good picture taker)

I had took off on Friday so I was able to get a lot of stuff done.  I finally finished my entryway table that I bought in MARCH!  Hey I'm a busy girl.
This is what the dresser looked like when I bought it.  Old, brown, broken and lonely.
I had a hard time deciding on Red or Turquoise.  Both would look great because the wall it is going on is STILL white and big. (hopefully that will be another project to get done in the future)  I went with RED.  I didn’t prime this dresser.  I just sanded it a little, took the handles off, filled the knob holes and repaired a couple drawers.   I used our new spray gun and some red paint from Home Depot(not sure the color).
I decided to do glaze on this piece too.  I love the way the glaze looks when finished and it covers up some of the imperfections on my hubbys paint job.  (I found a few drips)  But not going to complain because he was helping me.
I really wanted to use the original knobs on the bottom 3 drawers but one of them was broken.  So it wouldn’t work out the way I wanted it to.   We ended up drilling out the holes that I patched up. haha  I wanted to put 2 on each side instead of one.  I found some clear knobs at hobby lobby that had been antiqued, and they were half off and had 16 in stock.  So it was an easy choice for me.
Here it is finished!  I'm in Love again.
I will be putting some decorations on it and adding more to the wall behind it soon, but wanted to take a picture of it since I just finished it last night.  I love my cute rug from Hobby Lobby. (half off too)  I just love Hobby Lobby.  Don’t you?


Don’t Forget!

Last day to enter for a chance to win one of our custom crosses or signs from Mama Laughlin.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Giveaway at Mama Laughlin's

Welcome New Fans! Our friend Mama Laughlin reached 400 followers and is doing a Twist of Dazzle giveaway. Head over to her blog for all the details.

Birthday Bash

So Tuesday was my Birthday and I have the most wonderful friends and family!  It was a GREAT day! My coworkers bought me lunch from Pei Wei…yummo! and our secretary Linda made me an awesome homemade cheesecake. My sweet hunnee surprised me last Wednesday with a suite at the Mavericks game!


We had an amazing time! We rarely get time without the kids.


Then over the weekend my parents came in town and we all went to dinner and my stud got me this!


It’s a Twist of Dazzle cake! I love it!! Thanks to EVERYBODY who made my day soooo wonderful! And of course my wonderful friend, coworker and business partner is the BOMB!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Garage Sales

For the last few years we get a group together and hit up this BIG neighborhood garage sale.  Sometimes we find good stuff and sometimes we find nada.  This year I would say we did pretty good.  I was not looking for anything in particular, but the other girls were looking for some furniture.  As soon as we started ,we discovered the Big purchase for the day.  Kristin found her the perfect dresser for only $75 bucks.  It was in excellent condition, and solid wood. 


I can’t wait to see what Kristin does to this dresser for her entry way.  My friend Amber found her an entry way table too for only $10 dollars and she sent me a picture of it tonight and she is doing a great job on her first makeover. 

The next steal of the day was this roll of Burlap for only $5.00.  Yeah you heard me right 5.  The lady probably thought I was crazy.  But hey burlap is in right now and I want to make something out of it. (even though I can't sew)  I will come up with something and I promise to share with my friends.


Here are a few of my other purchases.   A set of candle holders and gold planter that I thought would be really cute painted, and used in my kitchen.



I also got this cute picture frame for $10.00 and it still had the original price tag on it. Who knows it might get a little spray paint too.


Now this lady knows how to garage sale. ha-ha  I just had to get a picture of this.



Hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday.  We made it half way to the weekend, (ohh and I am off Friday)  YAY.

Quick re-do for the bathroom and someones Birthday

I want to Wish Kristin a Happy Birthday!!  She is a wonderful friend, co-worker, and business partner.  I couldnt survive without you at work. I hope you have a great one and I can't wait to order Pei Wei.  (who evers b-day it is, gets to choose what we eat)  YUMMO

I decided on Tuesday that this cabinet needed a re-do.  It was white and I had glazed it a few years back, but every time I look at it I think of smeared poop.  Gross I know!  I sanded as much of the glaze off that I could, took out the glass and the knobs.


I decided to use Eden spray paint.  It’s a Home Depot color and I'm in Love with it.  I sprayed a couple coats on it.
After it was good and dry, I put the drawer and glass back in.  I found these black knobs that I had not used before and lucky enough I had 3 of them.
I think it turned out so cute!  And it only took me a couple hours to complete.

On another note, we went garage saling this weekend and found some good junk stuff.  More about that tomorrow.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

linking up at Addicted 2 Decorating!

Today Im linking up my before and after dresser at Addicted 2 Decorating.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

TOD Giveaway at A Bowl full of Lemons

Welcome new followers from A Bowl full of Lemons.  We are so glad to have you following us!  We are 2 friends that started our creative journey on a total whim.  We would have never guessed that Twist of Dazzle would have grown this fast in the past 2 years.  We are 2 working moms that have creative juices that never stop.  We have a shop in Keller, TX and a store front on Etsy.  You can also find us on Facebook.  We are new to blogging, and are still figuring it all out, but on our blog you will see a glimpse of what goes on in each of our lives daily.  We also have awesome giveaways!  
We are really excited to say that we are getting a New Blog makeover in May, (we are on a waiting list) which will be more modern and easier to navigate. 

For our previous followers head over to and enter the Twist of Dazzle giveaway.


Let there be light

When I moved into my house the previous owners had never updated anything in the house. And they left me with this little beauty
My entryway ceiling is about 30ft up! I had about a dozen guys come over to give me a bid to have it replaced (cuz 30ft up is not on my DIY list) and they all said the same thing...NO! I was soooo disapointed and frustrated because I had the perfect chandelier! I picked up this awesome piece of electric wonderfulness for FREE!! SUCKERS!
I took this baby home and got to work. I shoved some paper into the holes where the light bulbs go and I got to sprayin!
Pretty sure that spray paint is the greatest thing ever invented. One problem I can’t seem to find anyone willing to hang this beauty..GRRR! One day out of the blue I found a wonderful courageous sucker. So this is how it had to go down (or up) even the neighbors came over to watch.
P1010030 P1010033
I ABSOLUTELY could not watch this guy do this! I mean wow! 30ft up on that board holding a very large chandelier. I truly thought I would be sick. But when it was done I was so happy I actually think I cried!
My crappy picture taking skills do it no justice! (I swear I am going to learn how to use a camera) When you turn this thing on it is like a airport runway. It puts out so much light that it heats the upstairs hahaha. One down, one to go
REALLY mister builder???? How do expect anyone to change a light bulb in a globe with screws 30 ft up!!  Stupid! (please ignore all the dust still on the wall from the stairs redo) But I have a plan for this too! Can’t wait to show you!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dallas Blogger Meetup!

One of our blog friends from mentioned if we were going to DBM!  What??? we had NO idea about it! So we started doing some research and found out all the details.  Of course we want to go and meet some ladies from our neck of the woods. (ok Im really not that country).   They have dinner and brunch planned for April 29th weekend.  We can't go for all of it but decided that Friday night was the best for both of us.  Sooooo

Jenn from Perfectly Imperfect had a great idea for everyone attending {and not attending} to get to know us better by linking up at   

There is 2 of us so we both will be introducing ourselves.

Hi I am Camie!

I was born and raised a Texas girl and will never leave.

Im a sports FAN.  Love the Longhorns, Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys.

Love my iced lattes every morning.

I am the only child and so is my husband.

I love to wear BIG sunglasses

I could live in my sweats and flip flops, I love to be comfortable!

Im a sarcastic and I think a funny kind of gal. (just ask my husband)

My idea of a great weekend is just hanging with family and friends, talking, cooking out and having a cold Beer.

I would say I am type A,  loves to organize, always on time, and doesn't forget to much.

I love to go to garage sales or thrift stores and I am always looking for things to paint or re-do.

I have naturally curly hair, but wears it straight.

I am the mother to a 4 year old funny little boy and beautiful 11 yr old daughter that will be starting middle school next year. HELP

I like to belt out a few raps songs at work, for example DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Parents just don't understand. haha

I am a cheese freak, ranch lovin, garlic salt licker, pickle sno cone eating girl.  WEIRD I KNOW

I am still Best Friends with the girls I went to grade school with and now have even more great friends that I have meet through college, sorority, work, and my neighborhood.

My favorite stores are Target and Hobby Lobby.
I guess I better stop for now because if not I could be here all night.

I'm Kristin (pretty sure this is the ONLY time you will see me with straight hair!)

I have naturally curly hair but it takes me at least an hour to straighten it and it still looks like CRAP!

I was born on Guam and moved all over the place before we landed in Houston, TX and FINALLY stopped moving. (Military brat)

I am a 3x cancer survivor!  Yes you heard that right

I love tattoos...I have three....I get one everytime I beat cancer

I have a 16yr old, two 14yr olds and a 7yr old and three dogs (one is a 120lb bulldog named Semper Fi and he RULES this house)

I believe that owning two homes (one for him and one for me) makes for a blissful life.  YES we believe and love it and live it!  We are not even friends on Facebook (I know we are weird)

Love bathing suit season! I probably own around 30 bathing suits

Love to wakeboard and snowboard and work out

I organize every closet in my house by color.  Drives my kids crazy.  My stud is a Marine so he LOVES it

We eat Paleo

I HATE every vegetable known to man but I cram them down my throat because they are good for the body (I always have a chaser ready)

I go to bed very early, usually no later than 8:30 but am an early riser, usually about 4:30. 

I am super excited to meet each and every one of you!!!  If I left something out just ask I am an open book!

We both are super excited to meet new people that live in our area and some that are VERY far away.  See you on Friday night.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Prom is coming!!!

My post is a little late but I have a good excuse.


Cole is my first born child and this is his first Prom!  He has a sweet girlfriend named Tristynn.  So at our High School it has become a tradition to do cool stuff to ask the person you want to take to Prom.  So we made this cute banner!  He was so excited (it was so cute)  So in the dark of night while she slept we went to her house and put the sign in her yard


Sorry for the crappy pic (Camie is the photographer not me)


He had a lot of fun!  He sent me a message from school saying she loved it this morning when she went out to leave for school.  I  hear all the neighbors and her parents loved it too!  So I was sneaking around last night instead of making my post.  But I’m soooo happy to make memories like this with my son.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

                                                     This is my first time  participating doing this, but Im on a roll so why not!!

1.   The Texas Rangers starting off with a 5-0 start.

2. Iced Lattes

3. NO Softball or Soccer today- just hanging out relaxing with the kiddos

4. That today wasnt a hair washing day. (yes Im that girl Camie who goes a couple days before washing)  Dont ewwww me, you know you do it too.

5.The temperture for this week.
6. My Chapstick.  Im addicted to this stuff and have been forever.  I carry one in my scrub pocket at work everyday, have one beside my bed, one in my coin purse ,AND one in the kitchen.(just in case I cant get to the others fast enough)  Ohh and I dont like to share either.  So dont ask! (In case your wondering my favs are Cherry, Strawberry and mint)

Hope everyone has a Awesome wednesday.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My dresser Before and After

My husband had decided we needed a BIG flat screen to go on the wall, so I decided I needed a big piece of furniture to re-do to go underneath it.   So I got on craigslist found a piece of furniture and BAMM my hubby was driving to Keller to pick it up. (What a great guy) I paid $50.00 for a real wood dresser in great condition. This is what It looked like. (after I took the knobs and cabinets off)  Now this was my first piece of furniture to re-do, but I figured I could do it since 1. I'm pretty crafty and 2. Half the blogs I read redo furniture all the time.  Easy Breezy right???

Behind those cabinets were more drawers, but we took them out and wanted to keep it as shelves to put our DVD player, radio and Wii.
Me and hubby sanded it and used an off white paint. It took 2 coats. Halfway point it looked like this and I decided to leave the top a dark wood color.


After we got it completely painted it  was time to antique it. I researched this a lot because I had never done this and didn't want to totally mess it up and have to start over. So I found a glaze stain and painted over each part of the dresser and let it set for a few minutes. Then I took paper towels and old rags and wiped the stain off. The stain stayed in the cracks and gave the white a glaze look instead WHITE. After all the antiquing was done, we took the stain and gave the top 2 coats. A couple days later we finished it off with a clear coat, and this is my final project. I love the original knobs but not brass, so I painted them and dark bronze.  I love my dresser!  I get compliments all the time and some of my friends think I spent a fortune for it!  Shhhh don't tell.

                                        This  picture was taken before we drilled a hole in the wall to hide the cords.