Friday, April 8, 2011

Prom is coming!!!

My post is a little late but I have a good excuse.


Cole is my first born child and this is his first Prom!  He has a sweet girlfriend named Tristynn.  So at our High School it has become a tradition to do cool stuff to ask the person you want to take to Prom.  So we made this cute banner!  He was so excited (it was so cute)  So in the dark of night while she slept we went to her house and put the sign in her yard


Sorry for the crappy pic (Camie is the photographer not me)


He had a lot of fun!  He sent me a message from school saying she loved it this morning when she went out to leave for school.  I  hear all the neighbors and her parents loved it too!  So I was sneaking around last night instead of making my post.  But I’m soooo happy to make memories like this with my son.


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE :) We are having such a tough time getting guys to ask out girls in our area. I'm always on the lookout for cute new creative ways to do that.

    One fun idea was to make a giant Hershey Kiss out of rice crispy treats (it was about a foot tall) then wrap it in tinfoil. She put "normal" Hershey kisses all over his bedroom floor. On the tag sticking out of the giant kiss she wrote "now that I've kissed the ground you walk on will you go to Prom with me?"

    Don't you just love these clever kids? Thanks for sharing the fun you had with your son!