Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dallas Blogger Meetup!

One of our blog friends from http://www.alyblogs.com/ mentioned if we were going to DBM!  What??? we had NO idea about it! So we started doing some research and found out all the details.  Of course we want to go and meet some ladies from our neck of the woods. (ok Im really not that country).   They have dinner and brunch planned for April 29th weekend.  We can't go for all of it but decided that Friday night was the best for both of us.  Sooooo

Jenn from Perfectly Imperfect had a great idea for everyone attending {and not attending} to get to know us better by linking up at

There is 2 of us so we both will be introducing ourselves.

Hi I am Camie!

I was born and raised a Texas girl and will never leave.

Im a sports FAN.  Love the Longhorns, Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys.

Love my iced lattes every morning.

I am the only child and so is my husband.

I love to wear BIG sunglasses

I could live in my sweats and flip flops, I love to be comfortable!

Im a sarcastic and I think a funny kind of gal. (just ask my husband)

My idea of a great weekend is just hanging with family and friends, talking, cooking out and having a cold Beer.

I would say I am type A,  loves to organize, always on time, and doesn't forget to much.

I love to go to garage sales or thrift stores and I am always looking for things to paint or re-do.

I have naturally curly hair, but wears it straight.

I am the mother to a 4 year old funny little boy and beautiful 11 yr old daughter that will be starting middle school next year. HELP

I like to belt out a few raps songs at work, for example DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Parents just don't understand. haha

I am a cheese freak, ranch lovin, garlic salt licker, pickle sno cone eating girl.  WEIRD I KNOW

I am still Best Friends with the girls I went to grade school with and now have even more great friends that I have meet through college, sorority, work, and my neighborhood.

My favorite stores are Target and Hobby Lobby.
I guess I better stop for now because if not I could be here all night.

I'm Kristin (pretty sure this is the ONLY time you will see me with straight hair!)

I have naturally curly hair but it takes me at least an hour to straighten it and it still looks like CRAP!

I was born on Guam and moved all over the place before we landed in Houston, TX and FINALLY stopped moving. (Military brat)

I am a 3x cancer survivor!  Yes you heard that right

I love tattoos...I have three....I get one everytime I beat cancer

I have a 16yr old, two 14yr olds and a 7yr old and three dogs (one is a 120lb bulldog named Semper Fi and he RULES this house)

I believe that owning two homes (one for him and one for me) makes for a blissful life.  YES we believe and love it and live it!  We are not even friends on Facebook (I know we are weird)

Love bathing suit season! I probably own around 30 bathing suits

Love to wakeboard and snowboard and work out

I organize every closet in my house by color.  Drives my kids crazy.  My stud is a Marine so he LOVES it

We eat Paleo

I HATE every vegetable known to man but I cram them down my throat because they are good for the body (I always have a chaser ready)

I go to bed very early, usually no later than 8:30 but am an early riser, usually about 4:30. 

I am super excited to meet each and every one of you!!!  If I left something out just ask I am an open book!

We both are super excited to meet new people that live in our area and some that are VERY far away.  See you on Friday night.


  1. So excited you guys are coming to dinner!! I can't wait to meet you both!!

    Kristin - Your straight hair is so pretty! I love it! And a 3x cancer survivor - wow! That is amazing!!

    Camie - I think we are a lot alike! Hobby Lobby/Target ... I'm Type A personality as well ... and I want to be buried in flip flops and yoga pants - LOVE them!!!

  2. Camie, Your giveaway is up on my blog. You can post here to and let your readers know about the giveaway. :)