Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let there be light

When I moved into my house the previous owners had never updated anything in the house. And they left me with this little beauty
My entryway ceiling is about 30ft up! I had about a dozen guys come over to give me a bid to have it replaced (cuz 30ft up is not on my DIY list) and they all said the same thing...NO! I was soooo disapointed and frustrated because I had the perfect chandelier! I picked up this awesome piece of electric wonderfulness for FREE!! SUCKERS!
I took this baby home and got to work. I shoved some paper into the holes where the light bulbs go and I got to sprayin!
Pretty sure that spray paint is the greatest thing ever invented. One problem I can’t seem to find anyone willing to hang this beauty..GRRR! One day out of the blue I found a wonderful courageous sucker. So this is how it had to go down (or up) even the neighbors came over to watch.
P1010030 P1010033
I ABSOLUTELY could not watch this guy do this! I mean wow! 30ft up on that board holding a very large chandelier. I truly thought I would be sick. But when it was done I was so happy I actually think I cried!
My crappy picture taking skills do it no justice! (I swear I am going to learn how to use a camera) When you turn this thing on it is like a airport runway. It puts out so much light that it heats the upstairs hahaha. One down, one to go
REALLY mister builder???? How do expect anyone to change a light bulb in a globe with screws 30 ft up!!  Stupid! (please ignore all the dust still on the wall from the stairs redo) But I have a plan for this too! Can’t wait to show you!

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