Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My dresser Before and After

My husband had decided we needed a BIG flat screen to go on the wall, so I decided I needed a big piece of furniture to re-do to go underneath it.   So I got on craigslist found a piece of furniture and BAMM my hubby was driving to Keller to pick it up. (What a great guy) I paid $50.00 for a real wood dresser in great condition. This is what It looked like. (after I took the knobs and cabinets off)  Now this was my first piece of furniture to re-do, but I figured I could do it since 1. I'm pretty crafty and 2. Half the blogs I read redo furniture all the time.  Easy Breezy right???

Behind those cabinets were more drawers, but we took them out and wanted to keep it as shelves to put our DVD player, radio and Wii.
Me and hubby sanded it and used an off white paint. It took 2 coats. Halfway point it looked like this and I decided to leave the top a dark wood color.


After we got it completely painted it  was time to antique it. I researched this a lot because I had never done this and didn't want to totally mess it up and have to start over. So I found a glaze stain and painted over each part of the dresser and let it set for a few minutes. Then I took paper towels and old rags and wiped the stain off. The stain stayed in the cracks and gave the white a glaze look instead WHITE. After all the antiquing was done, we took the stain and gave the top 2 coats. A couple days later we finished it off with a clear coat, and this is my final project. I love the original knobs but not brass, so I painted them and dark bronze.  I love my dresser!  I get compliments all the time and some of my friends think I spent a fortune for it!  Shhhh don't tell.

                                        This  picture was taken before we drilled a hole in the wall to hide the cords.


  1. I really love what you did with your dresser! Great job! I love everything about your blog! I am now following you! I hope you will drop by my blog sometime and follow me!! :-) I am participating in my first "Before & After" with Thrifty Decor Chick!
    Looking forward to getting to know you!
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  2. Thanks Rhonda! This was my first "Before & After" too. I always want to link up at different blogs but never do. So today I thought do it! I will go to your blog right now! Welcome.


  3. I love the dresser and the name of your blog!
    Looks marvelous :)

  4. Great job! Love the transformation!

  5. It looks like a really big job but it turned out great. I never find good deals on Craigs list. Maybe I just don't have a good eye.

  6. Awesome job! I did a similar dresser on our first blog post! How funny!

    Check it out!

    XO, Mallory @ Classy Clutter