Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

                                                     This is my first time  participating doing this, but Im on a roll so why not!!

1.   The Texas Rangers starting off with a 5-0 start.

2. Iced Lattes

3. NO Softball or Soccer today- just hanging out relaxing with the kiddos

4. That today wasnt a hair washing day. (yes Im that girl Camie who goes a couple days before washing)  Dont ewwww me, you know you do it too.

5.The temperture for this week.
6. My Chapstick.  Im addicted to this stuff and have been forever.  I carry one in my scrub pocket at work everyday, have one beside my bed, one in my coin purse ,AND one in the kitchen.(just in case I cant get to the others fast enough)  Ohh and I dont like to share either.  So dont ask! (In case your wondering my favs are Cherry, Strawberry and mint)

Hope everyone has a Awesome wednesday.


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