Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feeling Blue

My mom had this great old dresser for a really long time so when I went off to college she gave it to me for my first apartment.  I finally decided to give it a little makeover. So I sanded it down
Then painted it with Valspars Exotic Sea
It was a little bright for my taste so I glazed it with Valspar Antiquing Glaze
photo(12)  photo(11)
My daughter loves how it looks in her room that we just painted. I will get a post up about her room redo as soon as it is complete.  We are putting the final touches on it.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kristin’s Favorite Product Link Up

Can I just say how much I HATE carpet!!!!!  I only have carpet in the bedroom and I am hoping one day that carpet will be gone.  But until then I have come across this awesome little product (my mom’s housekeeper gave up her secret)
Seriously people this is the best stuff!!  I have gotten out nail polish, grease from the garage, wine, paint, make up.  You name it, it comes out.  I pick mine up at Lowes.  I used to find it at Walmart but mine doesn’t carry it anymore.  Don’t walk people….RUN! (they should give me a free bottle for loving them so much ha! but I’m pretty sure they don’t even know who I am)
I’m linking up with Aly and Tiffanie so head over and check their cute blogs, you are going to love both of them.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We moved into our house  in 2005 and curtains were the last thing on my mind.   I just wasn’t sure what I wanted and plus they can be really expensive.


I decided right after Christmas, that I was going to get some curtains and finish my living room up.  I have thought about making some, but I’m  not really good with the sewing machine.  I finally found some that I liked, and ordered them.   I was wanting  color and a pattern, since there really is not much color in the living room.


Well they came in and I LOVED them, but only one thing.  They were over a foot too short.   What was I thinking!  I knew I needed the 96 inches, but for some Stupid reason I ordered the 84 inch ones.  Ok so No biggie, I will send them back and get the correct ones, well guess what 84 is as long as they have.  Now I'm feeling really dumb because I had been talking about the 96 inch curtains with my husband, and Krisitn, and even looking online at the sites that sell LONG CURTAINS.  But NO I go and order 84.  So I have 2 choices.  1. Send them back and find something else or 2. Add to them. HMMMM  well I can’t sew, but Kristin assures me that I don’t have to sew them, I can iron bond them.  So I head to the fabric store to find some fabric,  knowing that I wouldn’t find the same fabric as my curtains.  The lady at Hobby Lobby helped me find a neutral fabric that would match my curtains.   And it was time to get busy!


  I had to measure the curtains and then determine how much to add, plus a hem.  Before I ironed them on for good, I pinned them all first.  I wanted to make sure they were the right length.  Then I took them all down AGAIN and ironed them together.  Then re hung them babies!


Please only look at the curtains in these pictures, not the mess every where else.  The mantle is one of my next projects.


I really love how my curtains turned out!


As I was taking pictures around the living room, I spotted a frog in my plant.  haha  I was thinking what the heck is that.   This little boy looks pretty suspicious. 


And this shall be my next project.



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Friday, January 20, 2012

Big Pimpin 2012

Alright everybody in 2012 Camie and I will be PIMPING our houses!  Camie already made her list of what she is doing at her house (don’t tell her husband but I bet that list will grow ha!) My list is much bigger!! And I will be pimping two houses (his and her houses) Let me start with the her house
Her House (seriously where do I begin)
1. DONE! New chandelier in the entry you can read about the first one here
2. Laundry room will have the guts ripped out of it and redone. It will include new cabinets (since there are none) paint, chandelier, window treatment and some great accessories.
3. My master closet is seriously going to be soooo awesome there are no words to describe.  My closet is huge and already has a refrigerator in it (yes you read that right). But I have REALLY big visions for this space.
4. New front door ASAP!
5. New floors and countertops in the kitchen (fingers crossed)
6. Closet makeover in daughters bedroom
7. Bedroom makeover for my daughter Hannah
8. New curtains and accessories in the TV room
9. Garage is getting stripped and painted and pimped!!!!!
10. New bedding in master with new accessories and a new DIY headboard
11. New patio (it’s done and will get a post soon) will be getting new furniture and bling.
12. painting the interior doors black. Already started and you can read about it here.
13. fireplace redo (fingers crossed)
14. Painting the kids bathroom cabinets and getting a new mirror, countertop and faucets.
15. Couple of window sills need to be replaced (thanks to our Mastiff Semper) his big fat head and slobber destroys everything YUCK!
16. New fence
His House
1. Master bedroom redo. Will include new bedding, paint, curtains and accessories.
2. Our son Derreck’s room at this house will be getting pimped.  All new furniture, paint and accessories
3. pool deck will be resurfaced (this is a BIG DIY project people! so excited)
4. new furniture around the pool and accessories
5. master bath is getting new paint and light fixtures and the old mirror will come out and be replaced.
6. Living room will get new furniture (maybe, we will see) but it will for sure get new curtains, paint and accessories and we will be coming up with a cool idea to cover a big built in tv hole…. gawww why do builders do that!
I must love torture!  Because I am going to try to do all of this (yes these are all DIY projects) while working full time, having two in drivers ed, getting ready for our oldest sons graduation and 18th birthday, planning birthdays for the two turning 16, buying cars for those 16yr olds and then sending Cole off to college after graduation, and working on Twist of Dazzle.  WHEW!!!!! OMG!! HA!! Pretty sure there might be a few posts about drinking lots of wine while doing these projects.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Product of the Week

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My friend Aly at  Analyze This is starting a Product of the week Linky party with Tiffanie.  How fun!  So I thought I would join in.  My product of the week is Prime Time foundation primer from Bare Minerals. 

I have never used a primer on my face before, only on my furniture. haha (I know I'm so funny)  But the lady at Ulta talked me into it when I decided to give Bare Minerals powder a try too.  At first I was thinking, NO way will I pay 20 something dollars for a small bottle of primer, but I have changed my mind.  I LOVE IT.  I use it every morning before I put on my make up.   My face in now flawless.  Smile



Thursday, January 12, 2012

My List

I have decided that I am making a list of projects and things I would like to accomplish in 2012.  So Hopefully that will motivate me to get them done and I can mark them off as I do.

2012 LIST

Children  Bathroom re-do

****paint, mirror, light, décor****

Carson Bedroom

*****wall décor****

Finish Living Room

****curtains, mantle,shutters, wall art

Desk re-do for my daughter (almost done)

Yard- I want NEW GRASS and to fix my back yard up


I mentioned this to my husband the other night and he said, “Ohh good I have a whole year to get this finished” haha Don’t think so BUDDY!  Stay tuned bc I am already working on hanging my curtains and finishing up the desk for my daughter.


Here is a sneak peak of my awesome curtains.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Valentines Wreath

I told you I would be back with a New post pretty soon.  I have a bunch of projects going on around my house, but I wanted to go ahead and get something NEW on my front door since I had to put all my Christmas decorations up.  When I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday I picked up Pink pipe cleaners, pink mesh, Hot Pink Boa, black and white ribbon and a metal heart.   I didn’t really have anything in mind, but figured I could come up with something.



This is what I came up with.  It took me all of 10 minutes.


It is kinda hard to tell it’s a heart, and I cant decide if it’s big enough for my front door.  Don’t be surprised if you see another Valentine front door post from me.  Smile(this one might find a new door to hang on)



Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Years

Hello My friends.  I hope everyone is having a great start to 2012.  I’m ready to get this party started.  I have a few goals that I would like to share with everyone.  Hopefully by doing that I will keep to them. Winking smile   (since I don’t show a lot of my family, I would add some to this post)


My family at Christmas

Camie’s Goals for 2012

1.  Be a better blogger. ( I know I know I say this every year)  But I am going to do it, by golly.  I want to do some kind of project each week and blog about it.  (I see Kristin is already 2 ahead of me)  Since there is 2 of us that run this blog, there should be NO reason we don’t post at least 3times a week, instead of  2 times a month. haha


What was Santa thinking!

2.  To get Healthy!   Like many others out there me and my husband are wanting to work on our image and get healthy.  We signed up for Team Beach body and are doing the 90 day challenge.  My goal is to at least do some kind of activity everyday and stay under 1300 calories.  I really don’t have a BIG number in my head, but would like to fit in a size 6-8 comfortable.  Depending on the Jeans I currently wear a 10-12.   Our challenge started on Jan. 2nd and ends April 1st.    Wish us luck, because I really really want to do this.


This is at my parents house.  My mom puts her trees up high so her dogs don’t PEE on them.  GAWW I know!

3.  I want to be a better mother.  After working all day at work, coming home helping 2 kids with Home Work,( one whom has ADD/ADHD and is a 6th grader) picking up the house, fixing dinner, cleaning up kitchen, bathing kids, reading books, working out (now), I need to work really hard on my patience.  (I am aware most moms do the same thing as I do, I'm not saying I'm the only one that does so much) But I do catch myself yelling more, getting frustrated with HW, mad because everyone leaves their stuff everywhere, etc…  So my goal is to be more patient and try not to raise my voice as much, and walk away when I am mad.


Happy New Years!

4.  Be a better wife.  Many times I think to myself “ I wish he would do this and that”  But in all honestly he does more than most husbands I know.  He does all the Laundry, helps with everything that was in the last paragraph, takes the kids to school, birthday parties, helps with my Twist of Dazzle business, projects around the house and more. It’s just that  I'm type A and like things done quickly and right then. haha   I'm going to work on that,  and appreciate all that he does for me.


Friends from HS at my Pajama Christmas Party!

5.  Work really hard to get out of debt.  My goal is to have 2 bills paid off by the end of the year.  I would love to do the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Class.  We talk about it every year but haven’t tried it yet.


Faith’s band concert

6.  My goal is to start buying Christmas gifts NOW!  I say every year that I'm going to start earlier but I never do, and it sneaks up on me so fast.


Yup she is in middle school.


7.  Twist of Dazzle- me and Kristin have not talked a lot about this, but have already decided to only sale on FB and ETSY.  We NO longer have our crosses in boutiques.  We love making stuff so don’t want to quit doing it all together, but are always brain storming on new Items we could bring to Twist of Dazzle.


Me and Kristin at our work Christmas Party!

I want to Wish everyone a Happy New Year and may you work hard to reach all your goals and resolutions.  Thanks to everyone that reads our little blog or follows us on FB!  Ohh and guess what!  I just finished a Heart wreath a few minutes ago, so I will wait and post that tomorrow.


This is how my 5yr old rolls! 



Monday, January 2, 2012

It’s like that awesome little black dress except it’s a little black door!

It’s the fist project of the year!!  Seriously I was sooo scared to do this!  It’s a big commitment!  So back in August I was reading Emily Hewett’s awesome blog A Well Dressed Home.  She has amazing style!  She did a post on painting her interior doors and I fell in LURVVVVV!  I haven’t been able to get them out of my head.  Sooooo New Years Eve night and about 3 glasses of wine on board I did it!! 

photo 2photo(2)

It’s official all the doors are going black.  It has really transformed how the space looks and I couldn’t be happier.



Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Has Arrived!!

ice show 097
Happy New Year!
The new year is here and 2012 is going to bring really big things!
Unfortunately for my sweet sister 2012 has not started out so good.  She broke her leg in two places jumping on the trampoline with her beautiful kids and is having surgery on Tuesday!  I feel terrible for her.  She is an amazing mom and so active.  This is going to be a tough one on her.  We are praying for a speedy recovery for her!!

On a better note, BIG things will be happening in our house this year!
Our oldest will be graduating from High School in May and heading off to college!(yes I am crying as I type this) I can’t hardly believe it.  Not really sure how I will make it through graduation.  I will be purchasing a TON of waterproof mascara.
Derreck and Hannah will both be getting their drivers license!  Holy moly! I will be leaving this up to Robert because I barely made it with Cole and now we have two at the same time! We are going to need a bigger driveway for all the cars haha!
ice show 016P8110038
For me and Robert we are going to soak up every minute of everyday! We have the best family and don’t want to miss a minute of it!