Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We moved into our house  in 2005 and curtains were the last thing on my mind.   I just wasn’t sure what I wanted and plus they can be really expensive.


I decided right after Christmas, that I was going to get some curtains and finish my living room up.  I have thought about making some, but I’m  not really good with the sewing machine.  I finally found some that I liked, and ordered them.   I was wanting  color and a pattern, since there really is not much color in the living room.


Well they came in and I LOVED them, but only one thing.  They were over a foot too short.   What was I thinking!  I knew I needed the 96 inches, but for some Stupid reason I ordered the 84 inch ones.  Ok so No biggie, I will send them back and get the correct ones, well guess what 84 is as long as they have.  Now I'm feeling really dumb because I had been talking about the 96 inch curtains with my husband, and Krisitn, and even looking online at the sites that sell LONG CURTAINS.  But NO I go and order 84.  So I have 2 choices.  1. Send them back and find something else or 2. Add to them. HMMMM  well I can’t sew, but Kristin assures me that I don’t have to sew them, I can iron bond them.  So I head to the fabric store to find some fabric,  knowing that I wouldn’t find the same fabric as my curtains.  The lady at Hobby Lobby helped me find a neutral fabric that would match my curtains.   And it was time to get busy!


  I had to measure the curtains and then determine how much to add, plus a hem.  Before I ironed them on for good, I pinned them all first.  I wanted to make sure they were the right length.  Then I took them all down AGAIN and ironed them together.  Then re hung them babies!


Please only look at the curtains in these pictures, not the mess every where else.  The mantle is one of my next projects.


I really love how my curtains turned out!


As I was taking pictures around the living room, I spotted a frog in my plant.  haha  I was thinking what the heck is that.   This little boy looks pretty suspicious. 


And this shall be my next project.



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