Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Years

Hello My friends.  I hope everyone is having a great start to 2012.  I’m ready to get this party started.  I have a few goals that I would like to share with everyone.  Hopefully by doing that I will keep to them. Winking smile   (since I don’t show a lot of my family, I would add some to this post)


My family at Christmas

Camie’s Goals for 2012

1.  Be a better blogger. ( I know I know I say this every year)  But I am going to do it, by golly.  I want to do some kind of project each week and blog about it.  (I see Kristin is already 2 ahead of me)  Since there is 2 of us that run this blog, there should be NO reason we don’t post at least 3times a week, instead of  2 times a month. haha


What was Santa thinking!

2.  To get Healthy!   Like many others out there me and my husband are wanting to work on our image and get healthy.  We signed up for Team Beach body and are doing the 90 day challenge.  My goal is to at least do some kind of activity everyday and stay under 1300 calories.  I really don’t have a BIG number in my head, but would like to fit in a size 6-8 comfortable.  Depending on the Jeans I currently wear a 10-12.   Our challenge started on Jan. 2nd and ends April 1st.    Wish us luck, because I really really want to do this.


This is at my parents house.  My mom puts her trees up high so her dogs don’t PEE on them.  GAWW I know!

3.  I want to be a better mother.  After working all day at work, coming home helping 2 kids with Home Work,( one whom has ADD/ADHD and is a 6th grader) picking up the house, fixing dinner, cleaning up kitchen, bathing kids, reading books, working out (now), I need to work really hard on my patience.  (I am aware most moms do the same thing as I do, I'm not saying I'm the only one that does so much) But I do catch myself yelling more, getting frustrated with HW, mad because everyone leaves their stuff everywhere, etc…  So my goal is to be more patient and try not to raise my voice as much, and walk away when I am mad.


Happy New Years!

4.  Be a better wife.  Many times I think to myself “ I wish he would do this and that”  But in all honestly he does more than most husbands I know.  He does all the Laundry, helps with everything that was in the last paragraph, takes the kids to school, birthday parties, helps with my Twist of Dazzle business, projects around the house and more. It’s just that  I'm type A and like things done quickly and right then. haha   I'm going to work on that,  and appreciate all that he does for me.


Friends from HS at my Pajama Christmas Party!

5.  Work really hard to get out of debt.  My goal is to have 2 bills paid off by the end of the year.  I would love to do the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Class.  We talk about it every year but haven’t tried it yet.


Faith’s band concert

6.  My goal is to start buying Christmas gifts NOW!  I say every year that I'm going to start earlier but I never do, and it sneaks up on me so fast.


Yup she is in middle school.


7.  Twist of Dazzle- me and Kristin have not talked a lot about this, but have already decided to only sale on FB and ETSY.  We NO longer have our crosses in boutiques.  We love making stuff so don’t want to quit doing it all together, but are always brain storming on new Items we could bring to Twist of Dazzle.


Me and Kristin at our work Christmas Party!

I want to Wish everyone a Happy New Year and may you work hard to reach all your goals and resolutions.  Thanks to everyone that reads our little blog or follows us on FB!  Ohh and guess what!  I just finished a Heart wreath a few minutes ago, so I will wait and post that tomorrow.


This is how my 5yr old rolls! 



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