Friday, January 20, 2012

Big Pimpin 2012

Alright everybody in 2012 Camie and I will be PIMPING our houses!  Camie already made her list of what she is doing at her house (don’t tell her husband but I bet that list will grow ha!) My list is much bigger!! And I will be pimping two houses (his and her houses) Let me start with the her house
Her House (seriously where do I begin)
1. DONE! New chandelier in the entry you can read about the first one here
2. Laundry room will have the guts ripped out of it and redone. It will include new cabinets (since there are none) paint, chandelier, window treatment and some great accessories.
3. My master closet is seriously going to be soooo awesome there are no words to describe.  My closet is huge and already has a refrigerator in it (yes you read that right). But I have REALLY big visions for this space.
4. New front door ASAP!
5. New floors and countertops in the kitchen (fingers crossed)
6. Closet makeover in daughters bedroom
7. Bedroom makeover for my daughter Hannah
8. New curtains and accessories in the TV room
9. Garage is getting stripped and painted and pimped!!!!!
10. New bedding in master with new accessories and a new DIY headboard
11. New patio (it’s done and will get a post soon) will be getting new furniture and bling.
12. painting the interior doors black. Already started and you can read about it here.
13. fireplace redo (fingers crossed)
14. Painting the kids bathroom cabinets and getting a new mirror, countertop and faucets.
15. Couple of window sills need to be replaced (thanks to our Mastiff Semper) his big fat head and slobber destroys everything YUCK!
16. New fence
His House
1. Master bedroom redo. Will include new bedding, paint, curtains and accessories.
2. Our son Derreck’s room at this house will be getting pimped.  All new furniture, paint and accessories
3. pool deck will be resurfaced (this is a BIG DIY project people! so excited)
4. new furniture around the pool and accessories
5. master bath is getting new paint and light fixtures and the old mirror will come out and be replaced.
6. Living room will get new furniture (maybe, we will see) but it will for sure get new curtains, paint and accessories and we will be coming up with a cool idea to cover a big built in tv hole…. gawww why do builders do that!
I must love torture!  Because I am going to try to do all of this (yes these are all DIY projects) while working full time, having two in drivers ed, getting ready for our oldest sons graduation and 18th birthday, planning birthdays for the two turning 16, buying cars for those 16yr olds and then sending Cole off to college after graduation, and working on Twist of Dazzle.  WHEW!!!!! OMG!! HA!! Pretty sure there might be a few posts about drinking lots of wine while doing these projects.


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