Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Has Arrived!!

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Happy New Year!
The new year is here and 2012 is going to bring really big things!
Unfortunately for my sweet sister 2012 has not started out so good.  She broke her leg in two places jumping on the trampoline with her beautiful kids and is having surgery on Tuesday!  I feel terrible for her.  She is an amazing mom and so active.  This is going to be a tough one on her.  We are praying for a speedy recovery for her!!

On a better note, BIG things will be happening in our house this year!
Our oldest will be graduating from High School in May and heading off to college!(yes I am crying as I type this) I can’t hardly believe it.  Not really sure how I will make it through graduation.  I will be purchasing a TON of waterproof mascara.
Derreck and Hannah will both be getting their drivers license!  Holy moly! I will be leaving this up to Robert because I barely made it with Cole and now we have two at the same time! We are going to need a bigger driveway for all the cars haha!
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For me and Robert we are going to soak up every minute of everyday! We have the best family and don’t want to miss a minute of it!


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