Monday, October 24, 2011

Just a little bedside project and a fire!


Sooooo a couple of months ago a dear friend at work lost her mother and her family had an estate sale at the house.  Camie and I headed out to support her and see if we could bring anything home.  I have been needing a tall bedside table for my son Derreck’s bedroom.  Bingo!!


This thing weighs a ton and is solid wood!  So I did a quick little makeover on her.  And she went from drab to super mod fab (talking like my son there) Check her out!


Needs a little work on the accessories but it sure does meet the needs of my son.  It was super easy I painted the base in Valspar's Medium Grey and the top was done in a flat black and then distressed.  I then glazed the whole thing in Valspar’s Asphalt Glaze.

If you read our blog you might remember the post about my chandelier that took FOREVER to get hung.  Weeeelllll months later (this past Friday) my beloved chandy that I am sooooo in love with shorted out and caught my house on fire!  We are all safe and the only major remodel will have to be in a space I never visit…..the attic!  Gawwww so frustrating I have to sink money into a space I never see.  But the important thing is the kids are safe and the house was saved thanks to our wonderful fire dept……thanks guys!!




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