Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Lovin


I’m a little late posting this since today is Halloween…haha!  But better late than never I guess. 

I love Halloween!!!!  All the kids are sooo cute and think so hard about what they want to be.  It is an absolute riot to me to see everybody take on an alternative personality for one night. So for a few short weeks my entryway takes on a new personality too.  The pic is terrible!!!!!  Mostly because my house caught on fire recently and the lights in the entryway still don’t work. (or it could be I am the crappiest photographer ever)

Nothing over the top this year but I love it!  Definitely won’t win any blog decorating awards haha but it’s all I can give this year since the firefighters trampled through everything!


On a super fun note Camie and I entered in the pumpkin contest at work today and we won second place….whoo hoo!!  We will take it!  Look how cute our pumpkin turned out…..sometimes we even we amaze ourselves… ha!  Give us some pumpkin love my little pretty's.  Yea that was stupid I shouldn’t post that but tonight I looove stupid


Happy Halloween!!


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