Thursday, March 31, 2011

WAY out of my comfort zone!!!

So Camie and I work with this guy!
His name is Dan and he has LOTS of stories that he tells us all the time.  And according to him he grew up here!
And he loves to do farmy things like use a tiller.  Well one day he convinced me that I could use one too to till my front yard.  Probably doesn’t sound like that big of deal to most people but let me show you where I grew up
So this is where I grew up.  My man even teases me and calls me silver spoon.  Soooo needless to say I have never touched a tiller.  But I’m not scared.  It couldn’t be more scary than how my yard looks (grrr!)  So Dan brought over this little beauty Smile
I knew I needed to gear up for this challenge so I needed a few things so I gathered my safety goggles and my Ipod.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t get thirsty so I got my drink holder too.
So the yard was looking REALLY bad and full of weeds…ugh!
And it only took and hour to do this to it!!!! Do you hear my excitement??? You know the yard was bad if it looks better all torn up!!
And I am sooooo proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and it was soooo easy!
Especially since I ended up paying my son to do it (probably because it truly was a little to out of my comfort zone and he needed money for Prom) Smile  I will keep you posted as the yard comes together. Not really sure what the next step is…I think I might have to hire someone????

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