Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome New Friends

Welcome to all our new followers!  We are in the middle of getting a blog makeover so excuse all the weird things that pop up and move all the time!  We will have a TOTALLY new look coming in May.... LOL!  I know we need it bad but that was as fast as they could get to us.  We are soooo new to the blog world and are always looking for a way to improve and learn.  For all of our followers that do not follow  you should pop over there and check her out!  She is also running a giveaway for one of our crosses so don't miss out!
I keep trying to insert a picture, but it is not working.  Maybe tomorrow!!


  1. I love that you all have a blog! I just ordered a cross this week and then found out about Aly's giveaway. I love her blog!

  2. Thanks Rebekah, maybe you can win another one. Your cross is done and will be mailed out today.