Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cam's Column

Welcome to  My New Weekly column.
 Not sure if my title is cheesy, but I'm going with it for now.  I thought I would start off with a room makeover.   We moved into our house in 2005 and have painted half of the rooms, except for my daughters.  She just turned 11 and wanted a bedroom makeover and informed us that her room was the only bedroom not painted. So guess what color she picked?  PURPLE!  She found a bedspread she really liked and we went from there.  My hubby was thrilled we were going to spend all weekend painting a purple room. 

Here is her room before the fun begin. (I wish I would have taken a picture before we took everything down, ohh well)

Here is a picture of the walls patched and ready to be painted.  BORING

The kiddos both decided they needed to be apart of the painting!  (The one not pictured is 4)  Just get a visual for a moment of him helping.  haha

The wall is finally purple!!!  Time to decorate the room now.

                                   The bedding and the walls look really good together. (even if your not a huge fan of purple)

This is what the walls really look like.  (taken with my cell phone)  She found this Marilyn Monroe poster and I framed it for her. 

Ohh look it is Justin all over her door  (I remember when I used to tear posters out of my Teen Bop) You know you did too.

I think it turned out great and she loves it so that is all that matters.  I will wrap it up with a picture of my cute Harley dog. (he helped paint too)

Wish I knew how to make a signature.  Does anyone know how?


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  1. I love the name of your column. Great idea to let people know the fabulous girls behind the Twist!

    And I really LOVE Faith's new room! The purple is great and the bedspread is super cute. What great memories you are making with her. She is sooo lucky to have such a great mom (-: I can't wait to do stuff like that with Parker. Love you!