Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finally the stairs are done!!

Hi! Kristin here and I will be blogging for you on Thursdays. I promise I will get better as I do it more hahaha (hopefully) I’m soooo new to this so please be patient with me Smile
Well it has been a long time coming but the stairs are finally finished!! I know you can’t tell in this picture but these stairs are a nightmare! The previous owner did a REALLY bad DIY install. Each stair had some weird lip on it and each member of the family has fallen down them multiple times!!
So out they came (they already look better!) I was trying to save some $$$ so I my plan was to leave the railing and just sand them and stain to match (do you know how much sanding goes into sanding each spindle??? TONS! Sooooo out they went and the treads were replaced.
Ha! I would have been happy to leave them like this. But the rest of my Brady Bunch Family wouldn’t have it…they said I am to clumsy to not have railingsstairs5stairs 2stairs1
We LOVE them! And know nobody falls down them (especially me)

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  1. They look great! When my family first moved into our house (ages ago), it was definitely a fixer upper. The stairs had orange shag carpet on them. Every family member slid down those stairs at least once.