Thursday, March 8, 2012

Product of the Week

I’m linking up with Aly  and Tiffanie  for product of  the week.

I decided since I couldn't think of anything last week that I would do 2 this week.  (man I'm smart)

First up to bat is my Mary Kay lip gloss.  I really like the way this feels on my lips.  A lot of the lip glosses I buy are really sticky, and I find that this one does not glue my lips together.  My other item is my Loreal mascara.  Again, I have bought many different ones and they either clump, get all over my face, or doesn’t look like I have any on.  This ones really covers my lashes good and stays on all day, AND  even better it less than $10 bucks.


I see that Kristin already linked up today!  Well guess what you are getting 2 posts from TOD in one day.  YAY.   Also, I couldn’t let Kristin out do me in her OR gear.  Check this!


Happy one day closer to Friday!

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