Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 22, 23,24

Day 22- Picture of something you wish you were better at

Kristin and Camie-
Man! I sooooo wish I was better at blogging! All you bloggers that I love to stalk are awesome! So everytime I sit down to blog I think to myself how could I possibly make my blog as awesome as the ones I read everyday. You are all so inspiring. Camie and I are really going to need to take a blogging boot camp!

Day 23- Picture of your favorite book

This is a hard one for me. I used to read all the time when my kids were young. But I really don't read much anymore because I don't really have enough energy by the end of the day. I know that sad! I love to read and I should make more time. Maybe I will pick it up again and see how it works out.

I dont really read that much! I have read all of the Harry Potter Books, and the Twilight series, and yes I am 30. The only other book that I have read in the last year or 2 is  Eat, Pray and Love (really liked it).  I have a hard time getting into the book and it keeping my attention, but I will say I had NO problem with any of these. 


Day2- Picture of something you wish you could change

This is a hard one for me.  There are so many things that I wish I could change.  But today I am going to pick the insanity of hoarding.  I wish I could take over everyone of these homes!  I don't even know how anyone can even think straight in this.  I am totally opposite of a hoarder.  I KEEP NOTHING!  I get rid of everything all the time.  I have no collections of anything.  I don't even framed pictures of my family because I feel like it looks like I have to much stuff hanging out on dressers and side tables.  I HATE clutter!  It makes me feel out of control.  I make my bed every morning hahahaha I sound a little like a I might have a clean OCD issue.  I really don't, the world does not come to an end if it is not perfect.


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