Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm not sure where yall live, but we live in North Texas and have had a lot of Tornado scares this year. We have taken cover at least 6 times in my itty bitty hall closet. My house does not have a storm shelter nor do we have a good please to hide, so this closet is what we use.

(yes that is my cheerleading jacket in my closet from HS, FYI I graduated in 97)haha


It’s usually just me and my kids, because my husband “thinks” he is a storm chaser and needs to be outside watching it. He assures me when he hears the loud noise approaching our house he will run for shelter. I have been really nervous this year especially after the horrific storms that went through Alabama and Missouri. So after hearing all the talk on Monday about how Tuesday would be another day for big storms to pass through, made me worry all day. And boy were they right about it! We took cover 3 different times, and all 3 times my husband was playing tornado chaser.  ;)  When my TV and internet went out, all I had to check over and over was Facebook. Let me tell you my heart dropped when I saw a picture of a Tornado that a friend of mine that lives about 2 blocks away had posted. Luckily it never touched down, but I was really worried. Me and the kiddos waited in the closed for a while and I figured everything was ok or my hubs would have came a running. So we got out and I went outside to take a look, and Thanks to the storm chaser I married we have footage of the storm and a bunch of pictures. I could imagine what all these people are going through after being hit by a HUGE tornado when I was scared for my life just seeing this small thing that didn’t even hit ground. I am seriously wanting to look into some kind of shelter for my house!
Here are a few of the pictures we storm chaser took during all this hoop-la.

My heart goes out to all the families that were affected by these storms, and thankful to have my family and friends safe.


  1. Oh my gosh, that's so frightening! I'm glad y'all are safe and sound.

  2. Yeah, I've stopped complaining about the rain (I do realize where I live :) because at least it's not tornadoes!

    And I'm a 97-er too :)