Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Busy weekend here

Friday night me and Kristin went to Uptown Dallas to meet some fellow blog friends for dinner.  I only knew  stalk their blog daily 2 girls that I follow.  And when I say know them, I mean only through a computer. But we wanted to go, so we could  meet some  NEW  bloggers.  We went to eat at Mattitos and it was pretty darn good.  We finally got to meet these 2 girls that we follow and whom hosted a giveaway for us!

http://the-laughlins.blogspot.com     and     http://www.alyblogs.com/

They were so sweet!!!



There were a lot of girls at dinner so we didn’t get to talk and meet everyone, but here is a few of the bloggers that were there.



We meet a girl named Carolina that sat down on our end of the table.  She was really nice and didn’t know anyone either, and we got to hang with her and share chips and salsa. (which was spicy)Winking smile





They were planning to go out afterwards, but me and Kristin decided to drive back home.  We didn’t want to be on the Highway really late. (with all the crazies out there)  We are really glad we went and had a great time.  It’s really funny how you follow peoples lives daily, but have never meet them.  Some peeps might think that’s weird, but I enjoy it and learn so much from others!


When I got home that night my hubby was having a block party without me.  We have been hanging out with our neighbors a lot more lately, and I love just sitting out side, eating, talking, drinking and having a good old time.


Saturday night I hosted Bunko at my house.  I have so much fun when I play, it’s not just for old people. haha  People tease me all the time about playing.  But actually the girls that I play with are all in their 20’s and 30’s.  I didn’t get a picture of this night, but my husband told me that night that we were LOUD.  He was working out in the yard and he could hear us yelling and screaming.  Maybe it was the Beeritas that I made????


Do any of yall play Bunko?? 

I hope everyone had a great weekend. 


  1. It was so great to finally meet yall!

    I have wanted to play Bunko for awhile!

  2. Awww! You included me in your post, that's super sweet of you. It was really great meeting you guys! It was nice to have someone to talk to since I didn't know anyone there.

    Sounds like the rest of your weekend was awesome!!