Thursday, July 12, 2012


Wow it has been a while, but we have sold our house and moved into our new one AND its livable.  I'm still decorating some rooms and getting things in place, but overall I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I will start a post soon about my new house, but I couldn’t wait to post about my NEW buffet that I redid this past weekend.  I am in LOVE.  This is my fourth dresser/buffet to re-do.  Post on the others:  Red Dresser, Living room buffet, Grey Dresser 

I bought this buffet off craigslist for $125 and I think it was totally worth it.  I love the detail on it.


I knew once we got moved, I would want to paint it, for some reason I think everything needs to be painted.  But I guess I just like color!!  I really wasn’t sure on what color to go with, but I was thinking something different that I haven't already done.  How about  Blue!   So I grabbed all the cans of Blue that I had,and tested them out.  (Maybe I should have gone with this look) Winking smile   But I decided on KRYLON Oxford Blue.


I only sanded the top because it was a little rough, and then sprayed Kilz over the entire piece.   Then I lightly sanded it over, blew the dust off with my vacuum and wiped it down real good with a damp rag.


And now it was ready to paint!   The paint was really strong, pretty sure I got the entire neighborhood high. Winking smile


It took 3 bottles of spray paint to get the buffet good and covered.

                                                  First coat


                                        Third Coat


After I finished the painting, I felt like this piece had good details that needed to be enhanced.  I took my little sander and went over the buffet,  That’s Better!  hi

I used  furniture wax and a cloth and went over the buffet to seal it and give it shine. (please wipe all the dust off first)  I put the black designs back on the front of  cabinets, but first I used it as a stencil for the inside drawers, for fun.  Turned out cute!!!


All finished and moved  inside to the formal dinning room. 



More coming soon, maybe a dinning room table and some chairs.  YUP that’s right!!!


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