Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinterest Project

I don’t have to tell anyone out there how awesome Pinterest is!  So I’m just surfing around one day and run into this awesome pic on a cute blog.  I knew right away I wanted to make it.  She gives a great tutorial so you don’t really need me to repeat all of it but I will share my process.


Just took a simple wood frame from a local retail store and painted the frame a base color then just taped it off so my stripes were even. After I taped it off I painted it again with the base color so it would seal the tape so the top color won’t bleed under the tape.


Before the paint is all the way dry just take the tape off…LOVE!!

I cut some trim and painted it red and then just hot glued it to the frame and put ribbon and a cross on to finish it off


It’s a great addition to my office



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