Thursday, November 10, 2011

Marine Corp Birthday!



Today is the Marines Birthday!  They do so much for our country and keep our families safe everyday.  Today is a day to honor them.  Be sure to hug a Marine today…..I know I will!  As many of you might know or if you don’t know, I am in love with a wonderful Marine.

I grew up a Navy brat and my daddy was a great soldier and is an amazing father


That’s me as a little girl with my mom and dad and then us all grown up.

I fell in love with a Marine and now he and my dad can’t stop the trash talking (in a loving way ha!) Marine this, Navy that! hahaha! Makes for funny holidays but truly great memories!



He is a great Marine, and an amazing father and I love him very much and we are so proud of him and thankful for everything he does for us.



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  1. So I'm a little late. Just found your blog. And even though I am an Army mom, I drop by our local Marine recruiter's office and wish them Happy Birthday.