Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A product that I have decided I can’t live without!


Meet Semper


Semper is our 100+lb Mastiff.  Have you ever seen the movie Turner and Hooch?  Well Semper is the same dog as in that movie.


Our sweet Semper thinks he owns this house ha!


Semper has the typical symptoms of a Mastiff.  He has terrible allergies and constant ear infections and yeast infections in his ears.  I was spending a fortune on allergy shots and meds and he was miserable ALL the time.  Then I came across this all natural product that I put in his ears once a week.  NO SHAKING of his head constantly!!!!  Our sweet baby is happy again

It is called cloud nine herbal ear wash and I swear by it!


It allows Semper to go back to what he does best


Back to owning the place.

I’m linking up with Aly at Analyze This.  Go check her out she is so funny and loves to keep it real.




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