Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love is in the air

            Valentines Day

Who doesn’t love a good love story!  Even though guys won’t admit it they love those silly chick flicks and Lifetime movies too.  It’s kind of hard not to get all caught up in “day of love” even though a lot of people complain it is just a commercialized day to help the flower and card company’s make money.  I just love watching all the little kids in school with their little Valentine cards that they made and signed for each one of their friends….it’s soooo cute!  How could you not love that!

Anyway, every year around here I do a big Valentine’s dinner and yummy desserts.  Even the grown boys of my house love it (anything to get a gift right?) I try to just do light decorating since we just went thru Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.  So by this time I just can’t bring myself to decorate anymore ha! Lazy much!


Just some simple stuff in the entry way.  LOVE the big heart on the mirror and I will get the tutorial posted for it.  It’s hard to see in this picture but it has little rhinestones…EEEKKK….love!!!


Then in my office I just printed a little subway art here and placed it in one of the frames that we sell in our shop.  Now I can’t wait to get the table set! Here are some pics of last years celebration

P1010063 P1010064




See! Everybody in my house loves Valentine’s Day!!

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