Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Whoever said size doesn’t matter LIED!!

I have learned over the last three years of living in this house that I will NEVER be able to buy anything off the shelf at any store that will fit!!  My windows are all odd sizes so everything has to be custom.  That is why I have no blinds on most of the windows!!  I’m working on that one room at a time.  Well same goes with curtains.  All my curtains need to be at least 108”.  If you have ever looked at curtains online that long they pretty much break the bank!!

So one day I was walking around a large home décor store and on clearance for $9 were 96inch black blackout curtains!  I about had a heart attack.  9x3= pretty much free in my book for curtains! 

And listen people I DO NOT SEW!!!  So I had some black corduroy fabric just sitting in a box and some Heat and Bond ultrahold hem tape and the clouds parted and the rays of sunlight beamed down on me because I had just won the lottery (ok not really but it is definitely one of my proudest cheapest moments!)

photo 4photo(22)

See those cute arrows I made showing how short they are? Well I fixed that!

photo 1(1)photo 2(1)

I cut my fabric and then just put the heat and bond tape on the edge and flipped it over and ironed it.  How super simple is that.  I left one edge raw and did not “hem” it, since I had to attach it to the curtain.  I ironed that end to the bottom of the curtain just following the manufactures hemline so it would be straight.

photo 2 

Then up they went and they are awesome!!!


Windows in the TV room have been PIMPED! (yes I know I need wood blinds)


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