Thursday, July 7, 2011


WE  have been MIA the last few weeks.  Summer is such a busy time, honestly when is it not busy for me?    I am leaving this Friday for Colorado for a week with my hubs and kiddos and then 2 weeks after we get back the adults are going to VEGAS.  YAY I love Vegas!!  I'm not sure if I could live in Vegas, but I can defiantly go once a year and have some fun.    Anyways, I thought I would show yall some frames that I have been making.  We are not selling them, but I figured I could make some as gifts.  I thought they would be great gifts  for my dad, a friends birthday, and a graduation present.  So by the time I got to the third one I was a pro. (well kind of)  Stay tuned and I will show you the picture.   I found some MDF frames at Michaels unfinished with glass.  Painted them a few coats of paint and then started working on my silhouette machine.  Man I love this thing.  Kristin has been hiding this from me.  No not really we have a cricut at my house and Kristin had the Silhouette at hers.  I’m pretty sure the Cricut will be going on craigslist soon and we will need another Silhouette. haha  This thing is AWEOME.  Anyways, I made typography frames as gifts that were personalized for each person. 


I think they turned out pretty good for my first 3 times of trying.  But do you notice anything on the 3rd one?(graduation one)  I didn’t even notice until I gave her the gift and started looking at the pictures I took of it.  Did you figure it out?  Well, I put HARD WORK on it twice and near each other.  So I called my neighbor up and said I need the frame back! haha  She said she didn’t even notice it and she probably thought I was Nuts.  But I pulled one off and put bachelors degree on and it turned out great.  I really do love the typography.  It’s so personal and unique, and I think  I will make me something! 

Yay it’s Thursday, almost the weekend.  Hope everyone has a great one.

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