Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Custom order from LaLaurelle

This is a cute cross! I just love it. You dream what you want, and we will create it!!


  1. what a cute design and great stuff...will be back and look more...Just out blog hopping on tonight...really should be working... Hope you will stop by my Christmas blog and leave your favorite Christmas song...and enter a great giveaway. Also, a birthday letter to my daughter on my main blog...

  2. I love if I only had a little girl to buy it for. I'm in love with zebra print with pink....I made a quilt in those exact colors. You can see pics of it on my blog:

  3. I love what you have created and I would like to invite you to join a FREE web site dedicated to people with a great talent in crafting. My web site is It would be great if you could share with others. If you are interested you can go to the post “Join hand crafted Creations” at for instructions and directions.